Danna Kinsky is a cinematographer based in Los Angeles…


Traveling frequently to bring the world at large to your screen. To create emotional stories via images that aim to move the heart, create new perspectives, with hope to help make our world a better place, she travels around the world both physically (projects completed in Galapagos, Ecuador, Israel, US, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Thailand) and virtually.   


Through her various affiliations with vendors and groups like The American Society of Cinematographers’ Motion Imagine Technology Committee, Danna immerses herself in new technologies, such as Aerial (and drone) cinematography, VR and HDR.  Her passion to help female filmmakers advance to the next level led her to be an active part of initiatives like the International Female Collective of Cinematographers (ICFC).


A dedicated and passionate hard working professional with of over 25 years behind the camera, Danna has created award winning narrative films (7 film festival awards), documentaries, music videos, commercials, reality TV, news, events, web series, speaking engagements, seminars, corporate events, etc.


Her clients include ABC, APTN, WNBC, PBS, MTV, AT&T, Velocity, Fox Sports, MUN2, VOOM HDTV, AFI, QTV, JCS, RES, URB, ATP, KYTN, Goldenvoice, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, American Cinematographer, Sundance, Coachella, Stagecoach, dEUS, Artists House Music, Chi-Tech, 50 Foot Films, Noise Pop, American Cinemateque, Condor Pacific Ltd. Channels 1, 2, 10 and 8 in Israel, and many more.


Organization Affiliations
The ICFC – International collective of female cinematographers
The ASC MITC – America Society of Cinematographers Motion Imaging Technology Council
AWD – Association of Women Directors
WIMPS – Women In Moving Pictures Salon
FEM – Females in Entertainment
FA – Filmmakers Alliance
OUTFEST – LGBTQ film festival
LACDA – Los Angeles Center of Digital Arts