Danna Kinsky captures the world on celluloid…

She travels to different places in reality and the imaginary brings back great memories and stories as images that will remain in the heart forever. Danna enjoys a very eclectic life, with different types of photography and cinematography. With a B.F.A. in film, She blurs the difference between the moving image and the still photograph, or shows the extreme difference between them. She is a professional, loyal and honest.


Danna has extensive knowledge and experience with both documentary and cinematic techniques. Over 15 years of experience in Photography and cinematography shooting multiple formats, including film, HD, Beta, RED and DV. She has shot narrative shorts, feature documentaries, music videos, live music, commercials, promos, reality TV, news, events, web series, speaking engagements, seminars, corporate events, etc.


Her clients include ABC, APTN, WNBC, PBS, MTV, AT&T, MUN2, VOOM HDTV, AFI, QTV, JCS, RES, URB, ATP, KYTN, Goldenvoice, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Outfest, LAFF, Humble Films, Truemanity, Artists House Music, Chi-Tech, 50 Foot Films, Noise Pop, Coachella, Stagecoach, dEUS, A Day in Paradise Productions, Proof Film Productions, Soul Brazil, Free Williamsburg, American Cinemateque, The Dunes, Condor Pacific Ltd. Channels 1, 2, 10 and 8 in Israel, and many more.